Ultra-Trail® du Bout du Monde, a trail running in Forillon National Park

Stunning Mountains

Ultra-Trail® du Bout du Monde (UTBdM) #UTBDMGaspe2017  created in partnership with Parks Canada, is a unique experience that will allow runners of all levels to discover seascapes and breathtaking mountains and unique in Canada.


The Ultra-Trail® du Bout du Monde (UTBdM) is composed of eight (8) extraordinary races, in the unique environment of Forillon National Park, in Gaspé:

  1. The Forillon Children’s 800 meters
  2. Forillon 3 km Family Run
  3. New for 2018 : the 6 km trail for those who want to dip in the pool
  4. The 10 km Trail on Mont St-Alban , along the Gaspé Bay coastline;
  5. The 22 km Trail of Mont St-Alban, a loop of Mont Saint-Alban until “Bout du monde”;
  6. The 35 km Trail du Bout du Monde – Frotti Frotta (Les Crêtes and Les Lacs trails), until “Bout du monde”;
  7. The 53 km Ultra-Trail du Bout du Monde – Enduro Force, with 2,374 meters of positive drop, departure from Rivière-au-Renard to the trails of Les Lacs and Les Crêtes trails;
  8. The Ultra-Trail du Bout du Monde, Mesgil’g Muin – The Great Bear Race 110 km!

Create by runners

Ultra-Trail® du Bout du Monde (UTBdM) was created by the runers on trail. The UTBdM promises to be another great success for the community of trail running, Gaspésie and Quebec.

Autumn colors

The races take place in the Forillon Peninsula amid the fall colors, and will include courses from 10 to 110 km. Family races of 800 meters and 3 km are also planned for the next generation of runners.

Forillon Park

Ultra-Trail® du Bout du Monde was created to showcase the natural beauty and incomparable Forillon National Park and ensure its national and international visibility. The UTBdM continue to cement the Gaspé reputation as new paths of racing Mecca in the eastern provinces of Canada.

A lighthouse at the end of the world – Cap Gaspé

4 km walk from the Anse-aux-Indians. Cape Gaspe lighthouse site is accessible on foot or bike via the path of Graves.

And if you reach the end of the world? The beautiful trail Graves through woodlands and fields of wildflowers overlooking the coves and sea. It leads to the end of the Forillon Peninsula, or Gespeg, the “end of the land” for the Mi’kmaq. It is here that the Appalachian mountain chain dives into the Gulf. Maybe you have the chance to see whales, seals, bears and porcupines along the way?

In Cap-Gaspé, approach the lighthouse! Perched on a cliff 95 meters, the lighthouse of Cap Gaspé guide mariners for over 140 years. The position of Cape Lighthouse Gaspé, at the top of the cliff, offering perfect visibility of course, both on the bay on the Gulf side. However, the building and exposed to strong winds and bad weather is rapidly deteriorating. The first lighthouse of Cap Gaspé, built in 1873, was a typical wood-house lighthouse lighthouses built along the St. Lawrence in the 19th century. Burned, he will be replaced in 1892 by a second lighthouse, very similar to the first. The second lighthouse tower collapsed in 1946. A third flagship, concrete this time, was erected in 1950. It is the same light that you can see today. Powered by solar energy, it is fully automated.

Continue the path down the cliff to reach the end of the world! Open your eyes and take a deep breath of sea air before capture the moment in pictures!

*source: Parcs Canada