Offered services

Included with registration

Precise timing system

The races of Mount St. Alban and the End of the World will be timed. Official results will be published online on the website 48 hours after the end of the event. Unofficial results will be available at the end of each race.

All registered participants will receive:

  • Medals (if the race is completed)
  • Quality sweaters
  • Badge
  • Souvenir plaque to the winners

The three best graduates , men and women, in everyone of four timed events will be announced approximately one hour after the man or woman in third place will be crossed finish line of the event.

Points refueling

Depending on the journey, the refreshment points will be provided for every 5 km to the races of Mount St. Alban and all the 10 km maximum for the races of the World’s End. Riders will find a tent, chairs, water, drinks and snacks. Each refueling point will be led by a team of volunteers, rescue workers and supporters. These supply points will allow participants to energize and receive first aid before continuing the adventure!

Shuttle Buses

Because of the many starting points around the Park, and the distance between them, a shuttle service will be provided to participants from the car to the starting point, and arrival points up ‘in their cars, which will limit the flow of cars in the park.