*subject to change

Friday, September 21, 2018

12 PM to 8 PMDistribution of bibs at Penouille Welcome Center

1238, Forillon Boulevard
Gaspé, QC G4X 6T9

2 drops bags for runners of the 110 km run
has to be given by 8pm at the latest.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

1:00 AMVillage du Bout du Monde opens for runners "shuttle upon demande".
On Grande-Grave site
1:45Briefing for runners of the 110 km race
2:00Departure of the 110 km "Le Grand Ultra-Trail du Bout du Monde " 20 hrs maximum
5:00McDonald parking lot in town - Shuttle ready for 50km runners Ultra-Trail du Bout du Monde
Village opens UTBdM Grande Grave in Forillon Park for the 50 km runners
5:45Shuttle arrival for the 50 km runners Ultra-Trail du Bout du Monde
6:00Departure of the shuttle to the starting line of the 50 km (Rivière-au-Renard)
7:00Start of the 50 km race. Time Limit: 10 hours
8:00UTBdM's Village opens for all, entertainment all day, catering and refreshments
8:15Pre-race speech for the 35 km runners
8:30Shuttles depart for the 35 km runners to their starting point (Portage Path)
9:00Opening exhibitor booths
9:00Start of the race of 35 km. Time Limit: 7 hours
10:00Start of the race 20 km. Time Limit: 5 hours
11:00Start of the 10 km race. Time Limit: 2 hours
11:50Pre-race speech for the 6 km runners
12:00Start of the 6km race
1:00Start of the 3km race of the Forillon Familly race
2:00Start of the 800 Meters Children Forillon race
3:00 Medals ceremony - Closing ceremony
4:00Closing for 35 km runners
5:00Closing for 50 km runners
6:00Volunteers and Runners' Party. All together!
10:00Closing for 110 km runners
11:00 PMClosing of the Village du Bout du Monde